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 feature Rhiannon & Richard's wedding

at fforest farm

Photography by the couple's friends and family

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I’m in-love with today’s wedding for its laid-back and relaxed attitude – for me, Rhiannon and Richard seem to have really captured what your wedding day should really be about: love, family, friends, good company and delicious food.

They got married in September 2011 with a beautiful weekend-long wedding held at Fforest, just outside Cardigan in Wales.  Rhiannon and Richard really did their wedding their way – with no photographer, no over-the-top details, just lots of fun and a super relaxed weekend surrounded by their family and friends.

The Atmosphere 

The barn where the hog roast was served was decorated with flowers from Fforest’s garden arranged in jam jars and old enamel jugs, and bunting borrowed from a friend who’s made lots for her own wedding.  Rhiannon and Richard had also hosted a big informal curry meal the night before for all their guests who had travelled so far.

The Details

“Two of my friends then made a ‘wedding cake’ from stacks of Welshcakes topped with seasonal berries and anything they could find in the garden at Fforest, like wild strawberries.  We served them with big bowls of strawberries and jugs of creme fraiche for people to help themselves, which worked really well.”

“We didn’t want to have to do an awkward first dance or anything like that, so everyone danced with us.  It was great!  I managed to find a brilliant local band who could play exactly the right kind of music, I knew it would get everyone of all ages dancing, and it did.”

“After the dancing we all walked down to the river – we’d hung tealights in jam jars for as much of the path as we could.  With everyone waving us off from the riverbank, we paddled away by canoe.  It was so peaceful and romantic after such a hectic day.”


10 years of fforest