Green Union

feature Chloe & Dafydd's wedding

at fforest farm

Photography by Aga Tomaszek
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The lovely people at Fforest told me about a wedding they hosted last Autumn and when I asked what was special about the place this is what they said:

“Fforest is a place of magic at any time of the year. Spring and autumn are our personal favourites. Photographers often talk about the ‘golden hour’, the time of the day when the sun begins to dip and casts a magical soft golden glow.  Autumn is the golden hour of the fforest year.  Lower light and soft hues of red orange and gold in the landscape all around. Faint woodsmoke hanging in the air. We call it ‘glowtime’.  A little chill later in the evening maybe, but a time for gathering together in our tiny 200 year old pub, in our newly restored listed farmhouse and cosying up around roaring fires, with family and the best of friends.”

The Venue

"We chose to get married at Fforest Camp, Cilgerran on 25th October 2014.  The venue and its location were really special for numerous reasons. Dafydd and I lived in New Zealand for a couple of years and the owners of Fforest also lived there for a bit. What they have established at Fforest meant it felt like a home from home..."

The Guests

"We hosted just under 100 wedding guests. Daf’s family are from Wales, his Mum was born about five minutes down the road from Fforest so a fair number of her family still live in the local area. My family live in Essex so..."

The Atmosphere

"Our (my!) main inspiration was to have a natural outdoorsy wedding, somewhere beautiful and rural. I wanted to look around and see trees, flowers and wildlife..."

10 years of fforest