A fforest farm wedding

A wedding at fforest Farm is a weekend long celebration. We will guide you to the best use of the variety of spaces available to you, but ultimately the shape of the weekend is up to you.

Here is our day-by-day account of a fforest farm wedding.


The final touches have been made to your decor and you’re relaxing on the lodge terrace, ready to start welcoming your guests.

After check in everyone pops down to join you for a drink in the Bwthyn pub before a delicious informal supper wood-fired pizza party. After sunset everyone cwtches around the firepit, where chatting and drinking continues until bedtime.


You’re awake at the crack of dawn and we have the tea brewed and waiting for you down at the lodge. Other early risers can go for a river swim or a run through the woods before joining you for breakfast.

While you’re busy getting ready, your guests can go for a stroll through the nature reserve or take a guided canoe trip through the Teifi gorge.

It’s back to the pub! But this time for an intimate civil wedding ceremony for your closest family and friends.

While you are legally tying the knot, your guests make their way to the giant hat tipi where a humanist wedding ceremony kicks off your wedding celebrations. This is your moment to shine - you can make this ceremony as personal and unique as you like.

Outside we are waiting for you on the terrace with drinks poured and canapes ready to pass around.

Just a few steps away is the lodge barn where long tables are laid out for a delicious tea party with vintage cakestands, candelabras and freshly picked wild flowers. All of your guests tuck into dainty sandwiches, mini quiches and scrumptious cakes and macarons. We keep the teapots topped up and the wine flowing throughout.

The bar is stocked at the cedar barn in the farmyard and the band are starting up, so everyone heads up for an evening of dancing and laughter.

Out on the terrace, firebowls and lanterns are lit creating a wonderful glow. The local butcher arrives with a freshly roasted hog, and supper is served with a selection of beautifully dressed salad leaves and edible flowers picked this morning from the fforest gardens.

While everyone is eating the DJ sets up, so it’s back into the cedar barn to carry on the dancing. When the partying is over, it’s a short stroll past the croglofts back to your dome where you fall into bed.


The tea is brewed and breakfast laid out for any early risers, but we expect to see you and the majority of your guests mid-morning for a slap up Welsh brunch barbecue breakfast before you say goodbye to your guests and head back home to married life!

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